Board Members

Elected Officers, January 2018 – Local 111

President, Scott Thrasher
Vice President, Mike Hanson
Business Manager/Financial Secretary, Dean Gutzman
Business Agent, Scott Pendergraft
Recording Secretary, Collin Place
Inside Guard, Emerson “Jake” Fleury
Executive Board, Bob Knight, Bryan Argall, Paul Tembreull & Scott Connor
Examining Board, Garret Saari, David Chicha
Finance Committee, Thomas Bedard, Jerry Norman & John Antoncew
Health & Welfare/Pension Trustees,  Scott Pendergraft, Jamie Monson & Scott Thrasher
Negotiating Committee, Mike Hanson, Collin Place & Scott Thrasher
U. A. Convention Delegates, Phil Moran, Greg Retaskie, Mark Ruohonen, Collin Place & Jerry Norman

Members are encouraged to participate and contact elected officials with questions you might have about your union.