Board Members

Elected Officers, January 2014 – Local 111

President, Mark Ruohonen
Vice President, Tom Dubord, Jr.
Business Manager/Financial Secretary, Dean Gutzman
Business Agent, Mike Hanson
Recording Secretary, Phil Moran
Inside Guard, Chris Soderman
Executive Board, John Asplund, Jim Pelkola, Dave Soderman, Dan Soderman
Examining Board, John Asplund and Scott Thrasher
Finance Committee, Mike Hansen, George Cavadeas, Jerry Norman and Collin Place
Health & Welfare/Pension Trustees,  James Monson, Dean Gutzman, and John Asplund
Negotiating Committee, Mark Ruohonen, Dean Gutzman and Mike Hansen
U. A. Convention Delegates, Phil Moran, Jamie Monson,  Mark Ruohonen, John Asplund and Tom Dubard.

Members are encouraged to participate and contact elected officials with questions you might have about your union.