Online Verso Escanaba/Quinnesec Orientation Link & Directions

Verso Escanaba Orientation Link & Directions
Safety Video Link:!

Follow this link to download this form to fill out and bring in when you come in for training.

If you didn’t have this emailed to you and can’t click on the link above, please follow the directions below.

Go to – Click the Sustainability tab – Hit the EHS tab – Click on Contractor Safety on the left – Click on Verso Escanaba Mill – Contractor Safety Video (Video should start automatically)

Brent Chaillier 906-399-5338 Field Engineer
Brad Chaillier 906-280-4188 Project Manager
Steve Therrian 906-280-4976 Field Personnel Coordinator

When arriving at the Verso Escanaba Site you will most likely be dealing with Brent Chaillier to go over your test & to complete the process of getting your safety orientation completion date logged with the Paper Mill.

Mill Address:
6851 US-2, Gladstone, MI 49837

1. If possible print this word document. You will then be able to fill out the test as the video plays.
2. If you do not have access to a printer, you will have to write down the question numbers & your answers that correspond to those question numbers on a sheet of paper & bring that in with you when you come to the Verso Escanaba Site. You will then be required to transfer your answers you wrote down on your sheet to an actual test.
3. When you arrive at the Verso Escanaba Site you will have to report to the Log Cabin just west of the Contractor Parking Lot & locate Brent Chaillier or Brad Chaillier to go over the test with you.
4. Please show up a 1/2 hr. early to the jobsite if you’re doing the Safety Orientation this way to allow time to go over the test with you & answer any questions or concerns you may have before your shift starts.
5. To access video, hold your control key (Ctrl button on bottom left of key board) & then Left click with your mouse on the link above. This should open the video in your web browser. If not, you can copy & paste the link into the URL bar on your browser. If this does not work, the Verso Corporation website may be down and you will have to try again later.
PLEASE wear your seat belt and follow all posted non-parking area, stop, and speed limit signs when you arrive, during your shift if operating a CRM company vehicle, and as you leave the Mill site. The Paper Mill security guards actively watch their surveillance cameras and will report any violations to their Superiors as well as your CRM Project Manager. Disciplinary action can reach up to being band from all Verso Corporation job locations, suspension or termination from CR Meyer employment depending on the violation/violations committed.

Verso Contractor Training Test
1. Who is responsible for your safety?
a. The Safety Manager
b. The Safety Advocate
c. Your Foreman
d. You’re responsible for your individual safety and others around you
2. When should you badge in/out?
a. Only when entering the facility
b. When leaving the facility
c. When entering the facility
d. B & C
3. Contractors are required to perform lockouts in accordance with all aspects of the mill’s lockout policy?
a. True
b. False
4. Safety Glasses and a face shield are required when grinding on metal and other materials
a. True
b. False
5. What should you do if you suspect or come across exposed asbestos material?
a. Do not touch it and contact the area supervisor
b. Do not touch it and sweep it up
c. Sweep it up and contact the area supervisor
d. Abate the hazard with plaster and duct tape
6. The Gaitronics system is used for ______
a. Initiation of an area or mill-wide evacuation
b. Severe weather
c. Work order announcements
d. A & B
7. All containers of hazardous materials shall be properly labeled with the _______.
a. Appropriate hazard warnings
b. Material identities
c. Ergonomic details
d. A & B
8. Contracting companies must provide their own personal protection equipment
a. True
b. False
9. Authorized attendants can leave the confined space opening _____.
a. After people are inside
b. For a minimum of 8 minutes
c. If they are in radio contact
d. Only if entrants are out
10. Hearing protection must be worn at all times in mill operational areas.
a. True
b. False

11. In case of a Safety or Health emergency, call extension _____ for assistance.
a. 2911
b. 2676
c. 906-233-2911 via mobile
d. A & C
12. Safety glasses and _____ are to be worn while using high pressure cleaners, steam cleaners, rodding spouts and ports, and either portable or stationary grinders.
a. Cutting goggles
b. Chemical goggles
c. Face shields
d. Chemical boots
13. Which barricade tape is synonymous with “caution”?
a. Red
b. Green
c. Black
d. Yellow
14. Fall protection is required for anyone working more than ___ feet above the working surface
a. 8
b. 12
c. 6
d. 4
15. Which area of the Wood Yard is off limits both with vehicle and pedestrian traffic?
a. The chip pad(s)
b. The log deck(s)
c. The chipper room
d. A & B
e. B & C
16. Walking on tank tops ____
a. Is permissible only if the tank does not have a layer of concealing insulation
b. Is allowed provided workers use fall protection
c. Requires authorization
d. Only if it’s reviewed by a contractor engineer
17. Asbestos containing pipes and thermal insulation materials have been labeled with ___
a. 4 inch red vinyl label
b. 3 inch yellow vinyl label
c. 2 inch blue vinyl label
d. 5 inch orange vinyl label
18. Who must be notified prior to going on onto the chip pad(s)?
a. Your immediate supervisor
b. The Wood Yard control room
c. Loss Prevention at extension 2676
d. The Hough operator(s)

19. Which of the following statements is correct?
a. Red light and constant siren means evacuate immediately
b. Red light and constant siren means put on safety goggles
c. Amber light and intermittent siren means you don’t need respiratory protection anymore
d. All the above
20. What is required for Confined Space entry at the Escanaba Mill?
a. A permit
b. A license
c. A tool
d. Initial air monitoring only
21. All personnel must carry mouth-bit respirators in the ______ and utilities areas or have them readily available.
a. Boiler house
b. Kraft Mill/Lime Kiln
c. Woodyard
d. E1 machine systems
e. A & B