Online Verso Escanaba Orientation Link & Directions

Safety Video Link:

NOTE: An alternate link for Verso Paper, Escanaba, can be found under the “Safety Training Links” tab. There is a $30 charge, which will be
refunded upon submittal of a receipt copy at the job-site, OR you may complete the below Orientation.


Brent Chaillier 906-399-5338
Field Engineer

Brad Chaillier 906-280-4188
Project Manager

Steve Therrian 906-280-4976
Field Personnel Coordinator

When arriving at the Verso Escanaba Site you will most likely be dealing with Brent Chaillier to go over your test & to complete the process of getting your safety orientation completion date logged with the Paper Mill.

Mill Address:

6851 US-2, Gladstone, MI 49837


  1. If possible print this word document. You will then be able to fill out the test as the video plays.
  2. If you do not have access to a printer, you will have to write down the question numbers & your answers that correspond to those question numbers on a sheet of paper & bring that in with you when you come to the Verso Escanaba Site. You will then be required to transfer your answers you wrote down on your sheet to an actual test.
  3. When you arrive at the Verso Escanaba Site you will have to report to the Log Cabin just west of the Contractor Parking Lot & locate Brent Chaillier or Brad Chaillier to go over the test with you.
  4. Please show up a 1/2″ hr. early to the jobsite if you’re doing the Safety Orientation this way to allow time to go over the test with you & answer any questions or concerns you may have before your shift starts.
  5. To access video, hold your control key (Ctrl button on bottom left of key board) & then right click with your mouse on the Link above. This should open up the video in your web browser. If not you can copy & paste the link into the URL bar on your browser. If this does not work, the Verso Corporation website may be down and you will have to try again later.


PLEASE wear your seat belt & fallow all posted non-parking area, stop, & speed limit signs when you arrive, during your shift if operating a CRM company vehicle, & as you leave the Mill site. The Paper Mill security guards have & actively watch their surveillance cameras & will report any violations to their Superiors as well as your CRM Project Manager. Disciplinary action can reach up to being band from all Verso Corporation job locations & suspension or termination from CRM employment depending on the violation/violations committed.

Download to print or fill out below:

Verso Contractor Training Test